The blend of fragrances reminds me of being in the forest when it’s raining, and the sun suddenly peaks through the canopy of leaves... The spring tones and hint of minty orange is quite a unique blend. Hope you like it!


This artisan soap is created through a method called "cold process" and is made in limited quantities the old fashion way. No two soaps look the same and they have natural flaws in them with variation of size, shape, even textures and are rustic in appearance.


The soaps have naturally occurring glycerin that keep the moisture in your skin and after washing, your skin may feel silky. Mass produced soaps from the store are normally detergent soaps, due to the moisturizing glycerin has been extracted from the soap to be put in lotions and creams!


This artisan soap is made up of many botanical ingredients and wonderful oils to cleanse and condition your skin. Our soaps are handmade from start to finish in small batches, hand stirred, hand cut, labeled and boxed with love.


We strive to keep our products simple, with the best ingredients and maximum benefits for our line of botanical formulas.


Living a Simpler Lifestyle! 

Minty Orange, Amber & Cedarwood Soap

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  • This artisan soap should be kept in a dry area of your bath/shower to completely dry between bathing to prolong the life of the soap. This is due to the high content of natural glycerin and no added synthetic chemicals hardeners, only simple good ingredients.